Kitame Campground

Located north of Bagamoyo, Tanzania, our campground will soon host six decks outfitted for various forms of camping. We can provide transportation to and from the airport in Dar-Es-Salaam, as well as host Landrover safaris to the local game parks. 

Our Kitame Campground is an eleven acre site on the Indian OceanThe beach is wide and the water warm. We have a fine caretaker, Selemani, who lives with his family and looks after the goats, chickens, and coconut harvest. He has a small sailing dhow called a "ngalawi", and rides may be arranged. The campground is located north of Dar Es Salaamnear the Wami River and the southern entry to Saadani Game Park.







Kitame Campground features rustic camping in tents on elevated decks with coconut frond roofs to keep the tents cool. They will each feature a shower and toilet in the rear, locally crafted beds in the interior, and Kitame Camel's handcrafted folding tables and collapsible chairs on the deck. Not to mention a gorgeous view of the sunrise over the Indian Ocean.


Selemani's wife cooks the finest of Swahili food, which specializes in dishes of coconut and curry. Kitame village is a fishing village, so fresh fish and seafood are readily available per request. While you could live quite well on fish and coconuts, if we make arrangements for your visit we will carry in the appropriate staple goods for Mama Selemani to make you a variety of fine meals.





Kitame Camel Company can provide your transport needs while in Tanzania. We have two Landrovers available to ferry you from Julius Nyerere International Airport to our Kitame Campground. Safaris to the nearby Saadani Game Park are easily arranged, as well as trips around the capital city of Dar Es Salaam.